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    12:47 PM Singapore Law Blog

    Academic Publications Digest (Aug–Dec 2017)

    This digest is a compilation of publications (including articles, books, and book chapters) by local academics from the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law, and the Singapore Management University, School of Law. It will be released on a half-yearly basis via SingaporeLawWatch and www.singaporelawblog.sg. The digest is prepared in collaboration with the Supreme Court of Singapore....

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    11:57 PM Joshua Kow (CIPP/A, LL.B. (Hons), National University of Singapore)?Kenji Lee (CIPP/A, Law Undergraduate, National University of Singapore)

    Technical Measures for Reasonable Security Arrangements under the PDPA – A Roadmap

    In this age of rapid technological advancement and digitisation, privacy and data protection issues have become increasingly visible and relevant to the average consumer. Legal penalties aside, the destructive power of high-profile data breaches or hacks on public confidence is also well-documented. Hefty fines may be paid, and CEOs may publicly apologise, but battered corporate reputations take m...

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    01:25 PM Eunice Chua, Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University School of Law

    Deferred Prosecution Agreements in Singapore?

    On 15 January 2018, Minister for Law and Home Affairs K Shanmugam said at a dialogue organised by the Law Society that deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) could be introduced in Singapore as part of proposed changes to the criminal justice system. DPAs are agreements by the prosecutor to suspend prosecution of a corporate entity if it complies with specific conditions. If the corporation fails ...

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    04:16 PM Kent Chen Sixue (SMU School of Law)

    ASEAN Law Conference 2017

    The ASEAN Law Conference, which took place from 7 to 8 December 2017 ,was organised by the Centre for Cross-Border Commercial Law in Asia of Singapore Management University (SMU) School of Law. The Conference convened by Associate Professor Pasha Hsieh of SMU and Professor Bryan Mercurio of the Chinese University of Hong Kong brought together distinguished academics, government officials and pract...

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    04:10 PM Victor Looi (LLB, BBM(Finance), Singapore Management University)

    The Use of Similar Colour Schemes, Layouts, and Allegedly Deceptive Geographical References in Trade Marks

    In the recent decision of Morinaga Nyugyo Kabushiki Kaisha (Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.) v. Starbucks Corporation D/B/A Starbucks Coffee Company [2017] SGIPOS 18, the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore explored two intriguing issues concerning trade mark opposition proceedings: whether a trade mark proprietor can oppose the registration of a later competing mark because the latter shar...