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    07:19 PM Lee Pey Woan (Associate Professor, Singapore Management University) and Rachel S Chin (Singapore Management University)

    Amendments to the Companies Act – Audit Exemption for Small Companies

    The first phase of legislative amendments introduced by the Companies (Amendment) Act 2014 took effect on 1 July 2015. Of these amendments, the most significant is arguably the introduction of the “small company”, which replaces the exempt private company for purposes of audit exemption. This article considers the features of this new regime and illustrates its application to existing as well as n...

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    01:37 AM Pasha Hsieh (Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University)

    The ASEAN Economic Community and the Legal Services Market

    This entry discusses the prospective liberalisation of the legal services market of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The goal of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is to transform ASEAN into a “single market and production base,” which aims to substantially remove restrictions on services sectors by 2015. ASEAN governments have also called for the “progressive liberalisation o...

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    11:59 AM Goh Yihan (Associate Professor, Singapore Management University)

    Was Singapore Airlines Liable for Business-Class Seats Sold at Economy Rates?

    This blog entry explores the legal analysis behind the episode whereby Singapore Airlines mistakenly charged economy-class fares for business-class seats, on the assumption that Singapore contract law applies, so as to maintain its general relevance to a Singaporean audience and its specific application to online retailers concerned about making similar pricing errors. Of course, the analysis ...

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    02:37 PM Denise Wong (Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University)

    The Singapore International Commercial Court: A New Era in Commercial Litigation in Singapore

    This blog entry highlights key features of the Singapore International Commercial Court as well as legislative changes that have been passed in order to establish the court. It also flags a number of key issues that may require further consideration even as the foundations of the court are being laid. ...

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    12:19 PM Goh Yihan (Associate Professor, Singapore Management University)

    Contract Law Update 2014

    With the end of 2014 almost upon us, it is apposite to take stock of the more important developments in Singapore contract law in the year. This entry examines four cases that straddle important developments across various fields in contract law, namely, formation, terms, breach and illegality. In each case, it can be seen that the Singapore courts are anxious to consolidate existing law, and to c...