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    02:36 PM Singapore Law Blog

    Modern Studies in the Law of Trusts and Wealth Management: Theory and Practice

    The Centre for Cross-Border Commercial Law in Asia, School of Law, Singapore Management University, University of York and the Singapore Academy of Law are pleased to present the conference “Modern Studies in the Law of Trusts and Wealth Management: Theory and Practice” from 30-31 July 2015 in Singapore....

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    07:41 PM Singapore Law Blog

    Global Technology Law Conference 2015: The Future of Money and Data

    The future of technology and its impact on data and funds conjures up both utopian and dystopian visions. The utopian camp envisions a future society that will have greater access to information and communication resources with advanced technologies such as virtual currencies, the internet of things and smart services being the order of the day. The dystopian camp, on the other hand, is premised o...

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    11:49 PM Debby Lim (Partner, Shook Lin & Bok LLP) and Jonathan Muk (Justices' Law Clerk, Supreme Court of Singapore)

    Equitable Remedies in Commercial Litigation

    In early March, we attended the “Equitable Remedies in Commercial Litigation” conference which was organised by the Singapore Academy of Law in collaboration with the Chancery Bar Association. The inaugural joint conference in 2013 was a tough act to follow, but this year’s conference proved to be just as insightful and engaging. The conference programme featured various plenary sessions, panel di...

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    12:00 AM Timothy Liau (Sheridan Fellow, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore)

    Remoteness of Damage: Principle, Policy or Proportionality? (Report on SAL Distinguished Speaker Lecture)

    On the 6th of March 2015, the Singapore Academy of Law had the pleasure of hosting the Right Honourable Professor Sir Bernard Rix at the Supreme Court of Singapore. Sir Bernard Rix delivered an insightful and illuminating lecture entitled ‘Remoteness of Damage: Principle, Policy or Proportionality?’ For our readers who may not yet know this, Rix LJ (as he was then) delivered the leading judgment i...

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    07:32 PM Yip Man (Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University)

    Proceedings Report: The 4th Asia Pacific Journal of Private International Law Colloquium

    The 4th Asia Pacific Journal of Private International Law Colloquium, a biennial event, was held at the Singapore Management University on 28 November 2014 and convened by Associate Professor Adeline Chong. The one-day proceedings boasted a strong programme and facilitated discussions between private international law specialists from both civilian and common law jurisdictions. ...