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    03:35 PM Singapore Law Blog

    Intellectual Property Insurance Initiative for Innovators

    IPOS announced a new initiative today with Lloyd’s Asia and Antares Underwriting Asia – the Intellectual Property Insurance Initiative for Innovators (IPIII). The initiative will give innovative enterprises insurance coverage for legal expenses that may be incurred in intellectual property (IP) infringement proceedings worldwide, which can often be expensive and detrimental to business cash flows....

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    12:31 PM Jasper Hayden Chan (LL.M. Oil, Gas and Mining Law Candidate (Nott Trent); LL.B. , Singapore Management University; Practice Trainee, KEL LLC)

    Towards A Clean, Green and Sustainable Environment: Lessons In The Use of Environmental Impact Assessments in Singapore

    Without a doubt, Singapore prides herself in being a clean and green garden city. As a mark of commitment to environmental issues, Singapore has acceded to and/or ratified several environment-related treaties. One of the more important treaties is the Convention on Biological Diversity (“CBD”). Singapore is 1 of the 196 parties to the CBD and as part of the CBD’s monitoring process, parties regula...

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    10:31 PM Gary Leow (LL.B., Singapore Management University) and Sean Lim (LL.B., Singapore Management University)

    Examining the Proposed Legitimate Interests Basis in Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act: Comparisons with European Data Protection Regulations

    Under Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (No. 26 of 2012) (“PDPA”), an organisation must obtain an individual’s consent in order to process the said individual’s personal data (the “Consent Obligation”), save in limited circumstances: PDPA at s 13. In the Personal Data Protection Commission’s (“PDPC”) Response to Feedback on the Public Consultation on Approaches to Managing Personal Data in ...

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    07:13 PM Rachel Tan Xi’en, LLB (Hons), Centre for International Law, National University of Singapore and Bethel Chan Ruiyi, Juris Doctor (SMU), Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

    Examining Principle and Legality: Singapore’s Experience at International Courts and Tribunals

    Singapore has always affirmed that the international legal order should be stable and predictable, as international law levels the playing field in international relations. Singapore’s specific experience in its international disputes with other states shows that its practice of international law is consistent with its publicly expressed sentiment. This article will examine Singapore’s experienc...

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    11:23 AM Tracy Gani (LL.B., Singapore Management University)

    Striking a Balance Between Debtor Relief and Creditor Protection: Section 211D of the Companies Act

    Singapore’s insolvency and restructuring landscape has commended itself to a series of recent legislative amendments. These amendments are part of Singapore’s efforts to enhance its insolvency and restructuring laws to strengthen itself as an international centre for debt restructuring. In 2017, a new set of provisions relating to the scheme of arrangement procedure was introduced vide the Compani...