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    10:58 PM Christopher Zheng (LL.B., National University of Singapore, LL.M. (Corporate), New York University)

    Personal Liability of Directors for their Company's Contractual Breaches and Torts: Recent Developments

    While a company is a separate legal entity from its members, shareholders and directors (Gabriel Peter & Partners v Wee Chong Jin [1997] 3 SLR(R) 649 at [32], [34] ("Gabriel Peter")), decisions of a company are often made through its board of directors. Where a company breaches its contract with, or commits a tort against, an external party under the direction of its board, are the directors perso...

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    10:22 PM Leo Zhi Wei (LLB (London School of Economics), BCL (Oxon), Advocate & Solicitor; Supreme Court of Singapore)

    Dishonest spouses beware: Developments in the law on fraudulent non-disclosure in matrimonial proceedings

    The decision in BMI v BMJ [2017] SGHC 112 (“HC”), which was affirmed on appeal in BMI v BMJ [2017] SGCA 63 (“CA”), marks a watershed development in matrimonial law (both decisions will be collectively referred to as “BMI”). BMI establishes the principle that an ex-spouse who has been the victim of fraudulent non-disclosure during divorce proceedings will have the right to set aside the existing di...

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    05:47 PM Darren Low (LL.B. (Lond), LL.M. (Cambridge)) and Daniel Boon (LL.B. (Durham), LL.M. (Cambridge))

    Pre-Contractual Payments and Liability in Unjust Enrichment: Benzline Auto Pte Ltd v Supercars Lorinser Pte Ltd [2018] SGCA 2

    The law of unjust enrichment is flourishing and has come a long way since Lord Goff’s seminal decision in Lipkin Gorman v Karpnale Ltd [1988] UKHL 12. The deluge of decisions from the highest echelons of the English and Singaporean Courts has yet to ebb. In the first month of 2018 alone, the legal community has had the benefit of two Singapore Court of Appeal (“CA”) decisions, Ochroid Trading Ltd ...

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    12:47 PM Singapore Law Blog

    Academic Publications Digest (Aug–Dec 2017)

    This digest is a compilation of publications (including articles, books, and book chapters) by local academics from the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law, and the Singapore Management University, School of Law. It will be released on a half-yearly basis via SingaporeLawWatch and www.singaporelawblog.sg. The digest is prepared in collaboration with the Supreme Court of Singapore....

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    11:57 PM Joshua Kow (CIPP/A, LL.B. (Hons), National University of Singapore)?Kenji Lee (CIPP/A, Law Undergraduate, National University of Singapore)

    Technical Measures for Reasonable Security Arrangements under the PDPA – A Roadmap

    In this age of rapid technological advancement and digitisation, privacy and data protection issues have become increasingly visible and relevant to the average consumer. Legal penalties aside, the destructive power of high-profile data breaches or hacks on public confidence is also well-documented. Hefty fines may be paid, and CEOs may publicly apologise, but battered corporate reputations take m...