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    Global Technology Law Conference 2015: The Future of Money and Data


    Global Technology Law Conference 2015: The Future of Money and Data

    The future of technology and its impact on data and funds conjures up both utopian and dystopian visions. The utopian camp envisions a future society that will have greater access to information and communication resources with advanced technologies such as virtual currencies, the internet of things and smart services being the order of the day. The dystopian camp, on the other hand, is premised on the potential for digital catastrophe and virtual nightmare owing to privacy breaches, mishandling of data, identity thefts and financial vulnerability.

    So, what does the future hold—will technological innovations continue to push the boundaries towards attaining the utopian vision? Will online threats and cyber-crimes propel the dystopian agenda? Or, will a realistic middle path emerge where pragmatic legal policies and regulatory frameworks are designed and implemented to shape the digital future of our societies?

    To discuss these pertinent issues, the Singapore Academy of Law is organising the Technology Law Conference 2015 on 29 and 30 June 2015, focused on the impact of technology on funds and data on the law. The Conference will play host to business experts, legal practitioners, judicial members, policy makers, academics and other relevant stakeholders as they confer and provide critical insights on this rapidly evolving area of law and policy.

    Key Topics

    Key topics discussed include:

    • Smart Nation Initiatives – Smart Regulation for a Smart Financial Centre
    • Practical Challenges with Electronic and Mobile Payment Solutions
    • Virtual Currencies – The Future of Money or Just Another Passing Fad
    • Combatting Cybercrime in Financial Services
    • Privacy, Data Protection and Intellectual Property Issues in the Internet of Things and Big Data

    Further Details and Registration

    Further details can be found on the Conference website

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    Save $300 when you register before 30 April 2015! You can register at the Conference website

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