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    Launch of Singapore Law Blog


    Welcome to Singapore Law Blog!

    Singapore Law Blog consists of a blog and a database of law articles on Singapore law.

    Singapore Law Blog

    Singapore Law Blog is a blog dedicated to the discussion of the latest Singapore court decisions and legal news. It also routinely showcases practically relevant law journal articles and covers Continuing Legal Education events. Where relevant to the Singapore context, the blog also discusses legal developments in other parts of the world, particularly Commonwealth jurisdictions.

    We are very pleased to have the following contributions as launch entries for the Blog:

    1. Tan Ruo Yu, "Giant Light Metal Technology (Kunshan) Co Ltd v Aksa Far East Pte Ltd [2014] SGHC 16"
    2. Devathas Satianathan, "Illegality in Contract: Poh Cheng Chew v K P Koh & Partners Pte Ltd"
    3. Kenneth Tan, "Standard of Care in Negligence: BNJ v SMRT Trains Ltd [2013] SGHC 286"
    4. Justin Chan, "Conflict of Laws Issues: The Republic of the Philippines v Maler Foundation [2013] SGCA 66"
    5. Shaun Pereira, "Liability for Misrepresentation: Defu Furniture Pte Ltd v RBC Properties Pte Ltd [2014] SGHC 1"
    6. Jonathan Muk, "Issues in Tax Avoidance: Comptroller of Income Tax v AQQ [2014] SGCA 15"
    7. Chen Siyuan, "Maintenance under the Women's Charter: ADB v ADC [2014] SGHC 76"

    Contributions to the Singapore Law Blog

    We welcome contributions of entries on the latest Singapore court decisions and legal news to Singapore Law Blog. Legal news can include discussions of recent legislative updates, developments in the legal sector or legal happenings in the broader community. Contributions should be about 2,000 words with no footnotes. Any references should be in-text. If you would like to contribute, please email the administrative team to discuss your proposed topic before proceeding so as to avoid any duplicated work. The administrative team can be reached at [email protected] and will respond to any proposal promptly.

    If you are a lawyer regulated under the mandatory Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) scheme administered by the Singapore Institute of Legal Education (“SILE”), you may wish to claim Private CPD Points for your contribution to the Singapore Law Blog. Before doing so, please ensure that your contribution satisfies the criteria set out at Rule 3(1)(c) of the CPD Rules 2012 read with Paragraph 7 of the CPD Guidelines 2012. For more information on Private CPD Points and the CPD scheme generally, please visit the SILE CPD Centre at

    Database of Law Articles

    The database of law articles contains a listing of articles on Singapore law, whether published locally or internationally. It is organised by author and subject-matter, and is searchable by keywords or specific fields via an advanced search function found here:

    Where available, full articles will be made downloadable.

    Additions to Database of Law Articles

    If you would like to suggest any relevant law article to be included in the database of law articles, please email the administrative team at [email protected].

    Similarly, if you wish your article to be removed from the database of law articles, please email the administrative team at [email protected].

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