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    03:05 PM Janahan Thiru (Associate, Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP)

    Case Comment on Ang Pek San Lawrence v Singapore Medical Council [2015] SGHC 58

    In a judgment that has garnered significant interest from the medical community, the High Court explained its rare decision to order costs against the Singapore Medical Council (“SMC”) in respect of disciplinary proceedings instituted against a medical practitioner. This is a significant decision which would have implications not only on the SMC and the medical community, but possibly also on othe...

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    06:10 PM Alvin See (Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University)

    The Recoverability of Romantic Gifts: Kua Tee Beng v Ye Caiyan [2015] SGHC 53

    This case concerned an attempt by a man to recover from his former lover payments and gifts made to her while they were in a romantic relationship. Notwithstanding that the main battle was chiefly fought within the realm of evidence, the case raised interesting legal issues of property law that merit closer attention. ...

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    04:15 AM Deya Shankar Dubey (Practice Trainee, WongPartnership LLP)

    Case Comment: Koh Kow Tee Michael v Lee Ewe Ming Edward [2015] SGHC 60

    In Koh Kow Tee Michael v Lee Ewe Ming Edward [2015] SGHC 60, Woo Bih Li J took the opportunity to clarify the test that the court would use when deciding whether to grant a stay of proceedings pursuant to the court’s inherent jurisdiction in a situation where an arbitration agreement only covered some but not all the parties in the dispute. ...

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    05:03 AM Gary Chan Kok Yew (Associate Professor, Singapore Management University)

    Case Comment: Golden Season Pte Ltd and others v Kairos Singapore Holdings Pte Ltd and another [2015] SGHC 38  

    This 111-page judgement has highlighted a number of significant points of law relating to the treatment of Facebook postings, emails and SMS texts in the tort of defamation. They relate primarily to the legal requirements of establishing defamatory meaning, reference to the plaintiff and defences. In addition, the case examines the awards of general and special damages as well as the viability of ...

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    04:16 PM Denise Wong (Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University)

    Clarification on the Offer to Settle Regime in Order 22A of the Rules of Court: Ong & Ong Pte Ltd v Fairview Developments Pte Ltd [2015] SGCA 5

    The decision of Ong & Ong Pte Ltd v Fairview Developments Pte Ltd [2015] SGCA 5 provides important clarification on the offer to settle (“OTS”) regime as set out in Order 22A of the Rules of Court. ...