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    06:37 AM Denise Wong (Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University)

    The Singapore International Commercial Court: A New Era in Commercial Litigation in Singapore

    This blog entry highlights key features of the Singapore International Commercial Court as well as legislative changes that have been passed in order to establish the court. It also flags a number of key issues that may require further consideration even as the foundations of the court are being laid. ...

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    04:19 AM Goh Yihan (Associate Professor, Singapore Management University)

    Contract Law Update 2014

    With the end of 2014 almost upon us, it is apposite to take stock of the more important developments in Singapore contract law in the year. This entry examines four cases that straddle important developments across various fields in contract law, namely, formation, terms, breach and illegality. In each case, it can be seen that the Singapore courts are anxious to consolidate existing law, and to c...