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    04:31 AM Jasper Hayden Chan (LL.M. Oil, Gas and Mining Law Candidate (Nott Trent); LL.B. , Singapore Management University; Practice Trainee, KEL LLC)

    Towards A Clean, Green and Sustainable Environment: Lessons In The Use of Environmental Impact Assessments in Singapore

    Without a doubt, Singapore prides herself in being a clean and green garden city. As a mark of commitment to environmental issues, Singapore has acceded to and/or ratified several environment-related treaties. One of the more important treaties is the Convention on Biological Diversity (“CBD”). Singapore is 1 of the 196 parties to the CBD and as part of the CBD’s monitoring process, parties regula...

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    03:57 PM Joshua Kow (CIPP/A, LL.B. (Hons), National University of Singapore)?Kenji Lee (CIPP/A, Law Undergraduate, National University of Singapore)

    Technical Measures for Reasonable Security Arrangements under the PDPA – A Roadmap

    In this age of rapid technological advancement and digitisation, privacy and data protection issues have become increasingly visible and relevant to the average consumer. Legal penalties aside, the destructive power of high-profile data breaches or hacks on public confidence is also well-documented. Hefty fines may be paid, and CEOs may publicly apologise, but battered corporate reputations take m...

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    05:25 AM Eunice Chua, Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University School of Law

    Deferred Prosecution Agreements in Singapore?

    On 15 January 2018, Minister for Law and Home Affairs K Shanmugam said at a dialogue organised by the Law Society that deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) could be introduced in Singapore as part of proposed changes to the criminal justice system. DPAs are agreements by the prosecutor to suspend prosecution of a corporate entity if it complies with specific conditions. If the corporation fails ...

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    04:54 PM Yip Man (Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University)

    Protection from Harassment Act 2014: Offences and Remedies

    The Protection from Harassment Act 2014 (“Act”), together with two accompanying subsidiary legislations, came into effect on 15 November 2014. The Act is a culmination of a concerted ministerial effort to bring about legislative change to the laws governing harassment. Bringing together the background to the Act, its general structure and its specific provisions, this entry aims to highlight essen...

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    08:00 AM Chen Siyuan (Assistant Professor of Law, Singapore Management University)

    An Overview of the Impending Changes in the Family Justice Landscape

    Singapore’s family justice landscape is set to witness a sea-change when the key features of the new Family Justice Act, as well as recommendations from the Committee for Family Justice (chaired by the Senior Minister of State for Law and Education, Justice VK Rajah, and Justice Andrew Phang), materialise in the months ahead. ...